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Editing a Text Object
To move an object, click anywhere on the outline box — except on a love
handle — and then drag the object to its new locale. Note that for shapes and
other graphic objects, you don’t have to click precisely on the outline box —
you can click and drag anywhere within the object to move it. But for objects
that contain text, you must click the outline box itself to drag the object to a
new location.
The outline box can be hard to see if you have a fancy background on your
slides. If you select an object and have trouble seeing the outline box, try
squinting or cleaning your monitor screen. Or, in severe weather, try
selecting the View tab on the Ribbon and then choosing one of the Color/Grayscale
Color: Displays slides in full color
Grayscale: Displays colors as shades of gray
Pure Black and White: Shows the slides in black and white
Viewing the slide in Grayscale or Pure Black and White might make the love
handles easier to spot. To switch back to full-color view, click Back to Color
Editing a Text Object
When you select a text object for editing, PowerPoint transforms into a baby
word processor so you can edit the text. Note that PowerPoint automatically
wraps text so that you don’t have to press Enter at the end of every line.
Press Enter only when you want to begin a new paragraph.
Text in a PowerPoint presentation is usually formatted with a bullet character
at the beginning of each paragraph. The default bullet character depends on
the theme you’ve applied to the slide. But if you don’t like the bullet provided
by the theme, you can change it to just about any shape that you can
imagine. The point to remember here is that the bullet character is a part of the
paragraph format, and not a character that you have to type in your text.
Some word-processing software enables you to switch between Insert mode
and Typeover mode by pressing the Insert key on the right side of your
keyboard. In Insert mode, any characters that you type are inserted at the
insertion point (the blinking vertical line that appears within the text). In
Typeover mode, each character that you type replaces the character at the
insertion point. However, PowerPoint always works in Insert mode, so any
text that you type is inserted at the insertion point. Pressing Insert has no
effect on the way text is typed.
You can move around within a text object by pressing the arrow keys or by
using the mouse. You can also use the End and Home keys to take the insertion
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