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Duplicating an Object
Here’s a cool feature: PowerPoint 2013 lets you preview how the contents of
the Clipboard will appear before you actually paste it into your slide. To use
this feature, copy or cut something to the Clipboard. Then, click the down
arrow beneath the Paste button. This reveals a menu with several buttons
representing different ways to paste the selection. Hover the mouse over
each icon to see a preview of how the item will appear when pasted. When
you find a button whose paste preview you approve of, click the button to
paste the item.
If you want to blow away an entire object permanently, select it and then
press Delete or Backspace. This step removes the object from the slide but
doesn’t copy it to the Clipboard. It’s gone forever. Well, sort of — you can
still get it back by using the Undo command, but only if you act fast. See the
section, “Oops! I Didn’t Mean It (The Marvelous Undo Command)” for more
To include the same object on each of your slides, you can use a better
method than copying and pasting: Add the object to the Slide Master, which
governs the format of all the slides in a presentation. (See Chapter 10.)
Duplicating an Object
PowerPoint has a Duplicate command you can use to quickly create copies
of objects. First, select the object you want to duplicate. Then, press Ctrl+D
to create a duplicate of the object. You probably need to move the duplicate
object to its correct location.
An even easier way to duplicate an object is to select the object, hold down
the Ctrl key, then press and hold the left mouse button and drag the object to
a new location on the slide. After you release the mouse button, a duplicate
copy of the object is created.
Using the Clipboard Task Pane
The Clipboard task pane lets you gather up to 24 items of text or graphics
from any Office program and then selectively paste them into your
presentation. To summon the Clipboard task pane, click the dialog box launcher
in the Home tab on the Ribbon at the bottom right of the Clipboard group.
Then, the Clipboard task pane appears, as shown in Figure 2-2. Here you can
see the Clipboard task pane at the left side of the PowerPoint window, with
several objects held in the Clipboard.
To paste an item from the Clipboard task pane, simply click the item you
want to insert.
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