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Oops! I Didn’t Mean It (The Marvelous Undo Command)
Dialog box launcher
Clipboard task pane
Figure 2-2: The Clipboard task pane.
Oops! I Didn’t Mean It (The Marvelous
Undo Command)
Made a mistake? Don’t panic. Use the Undo command. Undo is your safety
net. If you mess up, Undo can save the day.
You have two ways to undo a mistake:
Click the Undo button in the Quick Access toolbar.
Press Ctrl+Z.
Undo reverses whatever you did last. If you deleted text, Undo adds it back.
If you typed text, Undo deletes it. If you moved an object, Undo puts it back
where it was. You get the idea.
Undo is such a useful command that committing the Ctrl+Z keyboard
shortcut to memory is a good idea. If you want, think of the word Zip! to help you
remember how to zip away your mistakes.
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