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Deleting a Slide
Undo remembers up to 20 of your most recent actions. You can undo each
action one at a time by repeatedly using the Undo command. Or you can click
the down arrow next to the Undo button (shown in the margin) on the Quick
Access toolbar and then choose the actions you want to undo from the list
that appears. However, as a general rule, you should correct your mistakes
as soon as possible. If you make a mistake, feel free to curse, kick something,
or fall on the floor in a screaming tantrum if you must, but don’t do anything
else on your computer! If you use the Undo command immediately, you can
reverse your mistake and get on with your life.
PowerPoint also offers a Redo command (shown in the margin), which is sort
of like an Undo for Undo. In other words, if you undo what you thought was a
mistake by using the Undo command and then decide that it wasn’t a mistake
after all, you can use the Redo command. Here are two ways to use the Redo
Click the Redo button on the Quick Access toolbar.
Press Ctrl+Y.
Note that if the last action you performed wasn’t an Undo command, the
Redo button is replaced by a Repeat button. You can click the Repeat button
to repeat the last command.
Deleting a Slide
Want to delete an entire slide? No problem. Simply move to the slide that you
want to delete and click the Delete button in the Slides group of the Home tab
on the Ribbon. Zowie! The slide is history.
Another way to delete a slide is to click the miniature of the slide in the Slide
Preview pane (on the left side of the screen) and then press the Delete key or
the Backspace key.
Deleted the wrong slide, eh? No problem. Just press Ctrl+Z or click the Undo
button to restore the slide.
Duplicating a Slide
PowerPoint sports a Duplicate Slide command that lets you duplicate an
entire slide — text, formatting, and everything else included. That way, after
you toil over a slide for hours to get its formatting just right, you can create a
duplicate to use as the basis for another slide.
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