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Replacing Text
You can then edit the text object or search for the next occurrence of the
text within your presentation. If you edit the text, the Find dialog box stays
onscreen to make it easy to continue your quest.
Here are some facts to keep in mind when using the Find command:
Find the next occurrence: To find the next occurrence of the same text,
press Enter or click the Find Next button again.
Edit the text: To edit the text you found, click the text object. The Find
dialog box remains onscreen. To continue searching, click the Find Next
button again.
Start anywhere: You don’t have to be at the beginning of your
presentation to search the entire presentation. When PowerPoint reaches
the end of the presentation, it automatically picks up the search at the
beginning and continues to the point at which you started the search.
Give up: You might receive the following message:
PowerPoint has finished searching the presentation. The
search item wasn’t found.
This message means that PowerPoint has given up. The text that you’re
looking for just isn’t anywhere in the presentation. Maybe you spelled it
wrong, or maybe you didn’t have a slide about Snarfblats after all.
Match case: If the right mix of uppercase and lowercase letters is
important to you, select the Match Case check box before beginning the
search. This option is handy when you have, for example, a presentation
about Mr. Smith the Blacksmith.
Find whole words: Use the Find Whole Words Only check box to find
your text only when it appears as a whole word. If you want to find the
slide on which you discuss Smitty the Blacksmith’s mitt, for example,
type mitt for the Find What text and select the Find Whole Words Only
check box. That way, the Find command looks for mitt as a separate
word. It doesn’t stop to show you the mitt in Smitty.
Replace text: If you find the text that you’re looking for and decide that
you want to replace it with something else, click the Replace button.
This step changes the Find dialog box to the Replace dialog box, which
is explained in the following section.
Close the Find dialog box: To make the Find dialog box go away, click
the Close button or press Esc.
Replacing Text
Suppose that the Rent-a-Nerd company decides to switch to athletic consulting,
so it wants to change the name of its company to Rent-a-Jock. Easy. Just use
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