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Adding a New Slide
After you add a new paragraph, you might want to change its level in the
outline. To do that, you must promote or demote the new paragraph (as
described in the preceding section). To create a subpoint for a main point,
for example, position the cursor at the end of the main point and press Enter.
Then, demote the new paragraph by pressing the Tab key.
Adding a New Slide
You can add a new slide in many ways when you’re working with the outline.
This list shows the most popular methods:
Promote existing text: Promote an existing paragraph to the highest
level. This method splits a slide into two slides.
Promote new text: Add a new paragraph and then promote it to the
highest level.
Press Enter: Place the cursor in a slide’s title text and press Enter. This
method creates a new slide before the current slide. Whether the title
text stays with the current slide, goes with the new slide, or is split
between the slides depends on the location of the cursor within the title
when you press Enter.
Press Ctrl+Enter: Place the cursor anywhere in a slide’s body text and
press Ctrl+Enter. This method creates a new slide immediately following
the current slide. The position of the cursor within the existing slide
doesn’t matter; the new slide is always created after the current slide.
(The cursor must be in the slide’s body text, however, in order for
this method to work. If you put the cursor in a slide title and press
Ctrl+Enter, the cursor jumps to the slide’s body text without creating a
new slide.)
Insert a new slide: Place the cursor anywhere in the slide and use the
keyboard shortcut Ctrl+M or click the Add Slide button in the Slides
group of the Home Ribbon tab.
Duplicate an existing slide: Select an existing slide by clicking the slide’s
icon or triple-clicking the title, and then press Ctrl+D to duplicate it.
Because the outline focuses on slide content rather than on layout, new
slides receive the basic Title and Content layout, which includes title text and
body text formatted with bullets.
Moving Text Up and Down
The outline is a handy way to rearrange your presentation. You can easily
change the order of individual points on a slide, or you can rearrange the
order of the slides.
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