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Collapsing and Expanding the Outline
You can rearrange your presentation by right-clicking the paragraphs that
you want to move and then clicking the Move Up or Move Down button in
the menu that appears. Or you can point to the bullet next to the paragraph
that you want to move. Then, when the cursor changes to the four-cornered
arrow, click and drag the paragraph up or down. A horizontal line appears,
showing the horizontal position of the selection. Release the mouse button
when the horizontal line is positioned where you want the text.
Be careful when you’re moving text in a slide that has more than one level
of body text paragraphs. Notice the position of the horizontal line when you
drag the selection; the entire selection is inserted at that location, which
might split up subpoints. If you don’t like the result of a move, you can
always undo it by pressing Ctrl+Z or clicking the Undo button.
Collapsing and Expanding the Outline
If your presentation has many slides, you might find that grasping its overall
structure is difficult, even when looking at the outline. Fortunately, PowerPoint
enables you to collapse the outline so that only the slide titles are shown.
Collapsing an outline doesn’t delete the body text; it merely hides the body
text so that you can focus on the order of the slides in your presentation.
Expanding a presentation restores the collapsed body text to the outline so
that you can once again focus on details. You can collapse and expand an
entire presentation, or you can collapse and expand one slide at a time.
To collapse the entire presentation, right-click anywhere in the outline and
then choose Collapse Collapse All or use the keyboard shortcut Alt+Shift+1.
To expand the presentation, right-click and choose Expand Expand All or
press Alt+Shift+9.
To collapse a single slide, right-click anywhere in the slide and then choose
Collapse Collapse from the menu that appears. To expand a single slide,
right-click the collapsed slide and choose Expand Expand.
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