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Chapter 4: Proofing Your Presentations
The PowerPoint spell checker doesn’t make you wait until you finish your
presentation and run a special command to point out your spelling errors.
It boldly points out your mistakes right when you make them by underlining
any word it doesn’t recognize with a wavy red line, as shown on the word
“yars” in the second bullet point in Figure 4-1.
Figure 4-1: PowerPoint usually knows before you do that you’ve misspelled a word.
When you see the telltale wavy red line, you have several options:
Make the correction: You can retype the word using the correct spelling.
Let PowerPoint help: You can right-click the word to call up a menu
that lists suggested spellings for the word. In most cases, PowerPoint
can figure out what you meant to type and suggests the correct spelling.
To replace the misspelled word with the correct spelling, just click the
correctly spelled word in the menu.
Ignore the misspelling: Sometimes, you want to misspell a word on
purpose (for example, if you run a restaurant named “The Koffee Kup”).
More likely, the word is correctly spelled, but PowerPoint just doesn’t
know about the word. The right-click menu will help in either case: You
can right-click the word in question and then choose either Ignore All
to ignore the misspelling or Add to Dictionary to add it to PowerPoint’s
spelling dictionary.
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