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Capitalizing Correctly
example, if you select falloff from the list of synonyms, you get another set of
words. You can keep clicking words to find other synonyms as long as you’d
like, until you’re ready to get back to real work.
Figure 4-3: The Thesaurus appears in the Research task pane.
Capitalizing Correctly
The PowerPoint Change Case command enables you to capitalize the text in
your slides properly. These steps show you how to use it:
1. Select the text that you want to capitalize.
2. Choose the Home tab on the Ribbon and then click the Change Case
button in the Font section (shown in the margin).
Doing so reveals a menu of Change Case choices.
3. Study the options for a moment and then click the one that you want.
Here are the case options:
Sentence case: The first letter of the first word in each sentence is
capitalized. Everything else is changed to lowercase.
lowercase: Everything is changed to lowercase.
UPPERCASE: Everything is changed to capital letters.
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