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Using the AutoCorrect Feature
To control PowerPoint’s AutoCorrect feature, click the File tab to switch
to Backstage View and then click Options. This summons the PowerPoint
Options dialog box. Next, choose the Proofing tab on the left side of the
PowerPoint Options dialog box, and then click the AutoCorrect Options
button to display the dialog box shown in Figure 4-4.
Figure 4-4: The AutoCorrect Options dialog box.
As you can see, the AutoCorrect Options dialog box contains check boxes for
a variety of options that govern how AutoCorrect works:
Show AutoCorrect Options buttons: This option displays the AutoCorrect
button beneath words that were changed by the AutoCorrect feature,
which allows you to undo the change or tell PowerPoint to stop making
that particular type of correction.
Correct TWo INitial CApitals: Looks for words with two initial capitals
and changes the second one to lowercase. For example, if you type
BOther, PowerPoint changes it to Bother. However, if you type three or
more capitals in a row, PowerPoint assumes that you did it on purpose,
so no correction is made.
Capitalize first letter of sentences: Automatically capitalizes the first
word of a new sentence if you forget.
Capitalize first letter of table cells: Automatically capitalizes the first
word in table cells.
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