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Using the AutoCorrect Feature
Capitalize names of days: You know, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
and so forth.
Correct accidental use of cAPS LOCK key: This is an especially cool
feature. If PowerPoint notices that you’re capitalizing everything backwards,
it assumes that you accidentally pressed the Caps Lock key. So it turns off
Caps Lock and corrects the words that you capitalized backwards.
Replace text as you type: This option is the heart of the AutoCorrect
feature. It consists of a list of words that are frequently typed wrong,
along with the replacement word. For example, teh is replaced by the,
and adn is replaced by and. The AutoCorrect list also contains some
shortcuts for special symbols. For example, (c) is replaced by the
copyright symbol (©), and (tm) is replaced by the trademark symbol (™).
You can add your own words to this list. In the Replace text box, type
the word that you want PowerPoint to watch for. In the With text box,
type the word that you want PowerPoint to substitute for the first word.
Then click Add.
The AutoCorrect feature also includes several formatting options that can
automatically apply formats as you type. To set these options, click the
AutoFormat As You Type tab. The options shown in Figure 4-5 appear. These
options let you control formatting features, such as automatically converting
straight quotes to curly quotes, changing fractions such as 1/2 to fraction
symbols such as 1 2 , and so on.
Figure 4-5: The AutoFormat As You Type options.
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