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Chapter 5: Don’t Forget Your Notes!
Don’t Forget Your Notes!
In This Chapter
Creating speaker notes to get you through your presentation
Adjusting the notes page to make long notes fit
Adding a new slide from Notes Page View
Printing your notes pages
Ever had the fear — or maybe the actual experience — of showing a
beautiful slide, complete with snappy text and perhaps an exquisite chart,
and suddenly forgetting why you included the slide in the first place? You
stumble for words. “Well, as you can see, this is a beautiful chart, and, uh,
this slide makes the irrefutable point that, uh, well, I’m not sure — are there
any questions?”
Fear not! One of the slickest features in PowerPoint 2013 is its
capability to create speaker notes to help you get through
your presentation. You can make these notes as
complete or as sketchy as you want or need. You can write
a complete script for your presentation or just jot
down a few key points to refresh your memory.
The best part about speaker notes is that you’re
the only one who sees them. They don’t actually
show up on your slides for all the world to see.
Instead, notes pages are displayed separately on
your computer’s monitor but not displayed by the
projector. And, you can print your notes pages so
that you can have them available as a handy reference
during your presentation.
Don’t you think that it’s about time for a short chapter? Although
notes pages are one of the slickest features in PowerPoint, creating notes
pages isn’t all that complicated — hence the brevity of this chapter.
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