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Adding Notes to a Slide
Unfortunately, no keyboard shortcut is available to switch directly to Notes
Page View. Earlier versions of PowerPoint included a button for this
alongside the other view buttons in the lower-right corner of the screen. But for
some mysterious reason, Microsoft decided to omit this button in recent
versions of PowerPoint. So the only way to get to Notes Page View now is to use
the Ribbon’s Notes Page button.
Adding Notes to a Slide
To add notes to a slide, as shown in Figure 5-2, follow this procedure:
Figure 5-2: A slide with notes.
1. In Normal View, move to the slide to which you want to add notes.
2. Click and drag the Notes pane border, if necessary, to bring the notes
text into view.
3. Click the notes text object, where it reads Click to add notes.
4. Type away.
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