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Adding a New Slide from Notes Page View
The result of this trick is that you now have two pages of notes for a single
slide, and the second notes page doesn’t have an image of the slide on it and
is not included in your slide show.
If you’re printing overhead transparencies, you might want to deselect the
Print Hidden Slides check box in the Print dialog box. This way, the hidden
slide isn’t printed. Be sure to select the check box when you print the notes
pages, though. Otherwise, the notes page for the hidden slide isn’t printed
either — and the reason you created the hidden slide in the first place was to
print a notes page for it!
Think twice before creating a second page of notes for a slide. Do you really
have that much to say about a single slide? Maybe the slide contains too
much to begin with and should be split into two slides.
Adding a New Slide from Notes Page View
If you’re working in Notes Page View and realize that you want to create a new
slide, you don’t have to return to Normal View. Just click the Add Slide button
in the Slides group on the Home tab to add the new slide. Or press Ctrl+M.
If you want to work on the slide’s appearance or contents, however, you must
switch back to Normal View. You can’t modify a slide’s appearance or contents
from Notes Page View.
Printing Notes Pages
If you don’t have a computer that can show your slides on a projector and
your notes on a separate monitor, you can always print your notes on paper
and then use the printed notes while you give your presentation. These steps
show you how to print your notes:
1. Choose the Print command from the Office button menu.
The Print dialog box appears.
2. Use the Print What list box to choose the Notes Pages option.
3. Make sure that the Print Hidden Slides check box is selected if you
want to print notes pages for hidden slides.
The Print Hidden Slides check box is dimmed if the presentation doesn’t
have any hidden slides.
4. Click OK or press Enter.
You can find more information about printing in Chapter 6.
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