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The Quick Way to Print
The Quick Way to Print
The Print command. The Printmeister. Big presentation comin’ up. Printin’
some slides. The Printorama. The Mentor of de Printor. Captain Toner of the
Good Ship Laseroo.
Don’t worry — when you print a PowerPoint presentation, no one’s waiting
to ambush you with annoying one-liners like that guy who used to be on
Saturday Night Live. All that awaits you is a handful of boring dialog boxes
with boring check boxes. Point-point, click-click, print-print.
The fastest way to print your presentation is to click the Quick Print button,
which appears on the Quick Access toolbar. This button does not appear on
your Quick Access toolbar by default. To add it, click the down arrow to the
right of the Quick Access toolbar and then click the Quick Print button.
Clicking this Quick Print button prints your presentation without further ado,
using the current printer settings, which I explain in the remaining sections
of this chapter. Usually, this action results in printing a single copy of all the
slides in your presentation. But if you have altered the settings on the Print
screen in Backstage View during the current PowerPoint session, clicking the
Print button uses the altered settings automatically.
You find more information about printing from Backstage View in the next
Printing from Backstage View
For precise control over how you want your presentation to be printed, you
must switch to Backstage View and conjure up the Print screen, shown in
Figure 6-1. To summon this screen, choose Office Print or press Ctrl+P.
After you call up the Print screen, click the big Print button (shown in the
margin) or press Enter to print all the slides in your presentation. Fiddle
around with the settings to print a select group of slides, to print more than
one copy, or to print handouts, speaker notes, or an outline. The following
sections show you the treasures that lie hidden in this screen.
Printing can be es-el-oh-double-ewe, so don’t panic if your presentation
doesn’t start printing right away. PowerPoint printouts tend to demand a
great deal from the printer, so sometimes the printer has to work for a while
before it can produce a finished page. Be patient. The Printer Wizard has
every intention of granting your request.
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