Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
The Quick Way to Print
Figure 6-1: Behold the Print screen.
Printing more than one copy
The Copies field lets you print more than one copy of your presentation.
You can click one of the arrows next to this field to increase or decrease the
number of copies, or you can type directly in the field to set the number of
Changing printers
If you’re lucky enough to have two or more printers at your disposal, you can
use the Printer list to pick which printer you want to use. Each printer must
first be successfully installed in Windows — a topic that’s beyond the reach
of this humble book. However, you can find plenty of information about
installing printers in the appropriate version of Andy Rathbone’s Windows
For Dummies.
Printing part of a document
The Print All Slides drop-down list lets you choose how much (or what part)
of your presentation you want to print. When you first access the Print page
in Backstage view, the Print All Slides option is selected so that your entire
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