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Starting a Slide Show
Simplify the presentation: Deselect the Show Without Narration and
Show Without Animation options if you want to simplify the
presentation by not playing narrations that you’ve recorded or animations that
you’ve created.
Select pen and laser pointer color: Select the color to use for the pen or
laser pointer. (See the sections “Scribbling on Your Slides” and “Using
the Laser Pointer,” later in this chapter, for more information about
using the pen and the laser pointer.)
Select slides: In the Show Slides area, select All to include all slides in the
slide show or choose From and supply starting and ending slide numbers
if you want to display just some of the slides in the presentation.
Set up custom shows: Choose Custom Show if you have set up any
custom shows within your presentation. (See the section “Using Custom
Shows,” later in this chapter, for more information.)
Choose to change slides manually: In the Advance Slides area, choose
Manually to advance from slide to slide by pressing Enter, pressing the
spacebar, or clicking. Or, if you want the show to proceed automatically,
select the Using Timings, If Present option if it’s available.
Select a monitor: If your computer has two monitors, select the
monitor to use for the slide show by using the drop-down list in the Multiple
Monitors area.
Starting a Slide Show
When you want to do a slide show in a one-on-one or small group setting
without a projector, beginning the show is just a click away. To start a slide
show immediately, click the Slide Show button located (along with the other
View buttons) in the lower-right corner of the screen (shown in the margin).
PowerPoint fills the entire screen with the first slide of the slide show. To
advance to the next slide, click the mouse button or press Enter, the down
arrow, Page Down, or the spacebar.
If you’re in a hurry and have a good memory for keyboard shortcuts, just
press F5.
You can also start a slide show by opening the Slide Show tab on the Ribbon
and clicking one of the following buttons:
From Beginning: Starts the slide show from the first slide. Clicking this
button is the same as clicking the Slide Show button in the lower-right
corner of the screen or pressing F5.
From Current Slide: Starts the show from the currently selected slide.
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