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Rotate Text Within a Cell
Formatting Excel Ranges
C You can click the vertical
text area to display your
text vertically instead of
horizontally in the cell.
6 Click OK.
D Excel rotates the cell text.
E The row height
automatically increases to
contain the slanted text.
F You can reduce the
column width to free up
space and make your cells
more presentable.
How does the Degrees spin box work?
If you use the Degrees spin box to set the text orientation, you can set the orientation to a
positive number, such as 25, and Excel angles the text in an upward direction. If you set the
text orientation to a negative number, such as –40, Excel angles the text in a downward
You can specify values in the range from 90 degrees (which is the same as clicking the Rotate
Text Up command in the Orientation menu) to –90 degrees (which is the same as clicking the
Rotate Text Down command).
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