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Add a Background Color to a Range
Add a Background
Color to a Range
You can make a range stand out from the rest of the
worksheet by applying a background color to the
range. Note, however, that if you want to apply a
background color to a range based on the values in
that range — for example, red for negative values
and green for positive — it is easier to apply a
conditional format, as described in “Apply a
Conditional Format to a Range,” later in this chapter.
You can change the background color by applying a
color from the workbook’s theme, from the Excel
palette of standard colors, or from a custom color
that you create.
Add a Background Color to a Range
Select a Theme or Standard
1 Select the range you want
to format.
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Click
in the Fill Color
list (
4 Click a theme color.
A Alternatively, click one of
the standard Excel colors.
B Excel applies the color to
the selected range.
C To remove the background
color from the range, click
No Fill .
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