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Add a Background Color to a Range
Formatting Excel Ranges
Select a Custom Color
1 Select the range you want to
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Click in the Fill Color
list ( ).
4 Click More Colors .
The Colors dialog box appears.
5 Click the color you want to use.
D You can also click the Custom
tab and then either click the
color you want or enter the
values for the Red, Green, and
Blue components of the color.
6 Click OK.
Excel applies the color to the
selected range.
Are there any pitfalls to watch out for
when I apply background colors?
Yes. The biggest pitfall is applying a
background color that clashes with the
range text. For example, the default text
color is black, so if you apply any dark
background color, the text will be very
difficult to read.
Can I apply a background that fades from one
color to another?
Yes. Select the range, click the Home tab, and
then click the Font group’s dialog box launcher
( ). Click the Fill tab and then click Fill
Effects . In the Fill Effects dialog box, use the
Color 1 and the Color 2 to choose your
colors. Click an option in the Shading styles
section (
changes to
), and then click OK.
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