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Apply a Number Format
Formatting Excel Ranges
A Excel applies the number format
to the selected range.
B For monetary values, you can
also click Accounting Number
Format ( ).
C For percentages, you can also
click Percent Style ( ).
D For large numbers, you can also
click Comma Style (
Is there a way to get more control over the
number formats?
Yes. You can use the Format Cells dialog box to
control properties such as the display of negative
numbers, the currency symbol used, and how
dates and times appear. Follow these steps:
1 Select the range you want to format.
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Click the Number group’s dialog box launcher
( ).
The Format Cells dialog box appears with the
Number tab displayed.
4 In the Category list, click the type of number
format you want to apply.
5 Use the controls that Excel displays to
customize the number format.
The controls you see vary, depending on the
number format you chose in Step .
6 Click OK.
Excel applies the number format.
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