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Apply a Style to a Range
Formatting Excel Ranges
Excel displays the Cell
Styles gallery.
4 Click the style you want to
Note: If the style is not
exactly the way you want,
you can right-click the
style, click Modify , and
then click Format to
customize the style.
A Excel applies the style to
the range.
Are there styles I can use to format tabular data?
Yes. Excel comes with a gallery of table styles
that offer formatting options that highlight the
first row, apply different formats to alternating
rows, and so on. Select the range that includes
your data, click the Home tab, and then click
Format as Table . In the gallery that appears,
click the table format you want to apply.
Can I create my own style?
Yes. Apply your formatting to a cell or
range, and then select that cell or range.
Click Home , click Cell Styles , and then
click New Cell Style . In the Style dialog
box, type a name for your style, and then
click OK.
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