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Build a Formula
Build a
You can add a formula to a worksheet cell using a
technique similar to adding data to a cell. To ensure
that Excel treats the text as a formula, be sure to
begin with an equal sign (=) and then type your
operands and operators.
When you add a formula to a cell, Excel displays the
formula result in the cell, not the actual formula. For
example, if you add the formula =C3+C4 to a cell,
that cell displays the sum of the values in cells C3
and C4. To see the formula, click the cell and
examine the formula bar.
Build a Formula
1 Click in the cell in which you
want to build the formula.
2 Type .
A Your typing also appears in the
formula bar.
Note: You can also type the
formula into the formula bar.
3 Type or click an operand. For
example, to reference a cell in
your formula, click in the cell.
B Excel inserts the address of the
clicked cell into the formula.
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