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Build a Formula
Building Formulas
4 Type an operator.
5 Repeat Steps and to add 4
other operands and operators
to your formula.
6 Click
or press
C Excel displays the formula
result in the cell.
If Excel displays only the result of the formula, how do I
make changes to the formula?
Excel displays the formula result in the cell, but it still
keeps track of the original formula. To display the formula
again, you have two choices: Click the cell and then edit
the formula using the formula bar, or double-click the cell
to display the original formula in the cell and then edit
the formula. In both cases, click
If I have many formulas, is there
an easy way to view them?
Yes. You can configure the
worksheet to show the formulas
instead of their results. The
easiest way to do this is to
toggle between formulas and
results by pressing
or press
` .
you finish editing the formula.
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