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Add a Function to a Formula
Add a Function
to a Formula
To get the benefit of an Excel function, you need to
use it within a formula. You can use a function as
the only operand in the formula, or you can include
the function as part of a larger formula. To make it
easy to choose the function you need and to add the
appropriate arguments, Excel offers the Insert
Function feature. This is a dialog box that enables
you to display functions by category and then choose
the function you want from a list. You then see the
Function Arguments dialog box that enables you to
easily see and fill in the arguments used by the
Add a Function to a Formula
1 Click in the cell in which you
want to build the formula.
2 Type .
3 Type any operands and operators
you need before adding the
4 Click the Insert Function button
The Insert Function dialog box
5 Click and then click the
category that contains the
function you want to use.
6 Click the function.
7 Click OK.
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