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Build an AutoSum Formula
Build an
AutoSum Formula
You can reduce the time it takes to build a worksheet
as well as reduce the possibility of errors by using
the Excel AutoSum feature. This tool adds a SUM
function formula to a cell and automatically adds the
function arguments based on the structure of the
worksheet data. For example, if there is a column of
numbers above the cell where you want the SUM
function to appear, AutoSum automatically includes
that column of numbers as the SUM function
Build an AutoSum Formula
1 Click in the cell where you want
the sum to appear.
Note: For AutoSum to work, the
cell you select should be below or
to the right of the range you
want to sum.
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Click the Sum button ( ).
A If you want to use a function
other than SUM, click the Sum
and then click the operation
you want to use: Average, Count
Numbers, Max, or Min.
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