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Build an AutoSum Formula
Building Formulas
B Excel adds a SUM function
formula to the cell.
Note: You can also press
+ = instead of clicking .
C Excel guesses that the range
above (or to the left of) the
cell is the one you want
to add.
If Excel guessed wrong, you
can select the correct range
4 Click or press .
D Excel displays the formula.
E Excel displays the sum in the
Is there a way to see the sum of a range
without adding an AutoSum formula?
Yes. You can use the Excel status bar to
do this. When you select any range, Excel
adds the range’s numeric values and
displays the result in the middle of the
status bar — for example, SUM: 76,650.
Is there a faster way to add an AutoSum formula?
Yes. If you know the range you want to sum, and
that range is either a vertical column with a blank
cell below it or a horizontal row with a blank cell
to its right, select the range (including the blank
cell) and then click or press + = . Excel
populates the blank cell with a SUM formula that
totals the selected range.
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