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Add a Range Name to a Formula
Building Formulas
B Excel inserts the range name
into the formula.
5 Type any operands and operators
you need to complete your
C If you need to insert other range
names into your formula, repeat
Steps to for each name. 5
6 Click or press .
Excel calculates the formula
If I create a range name after I build my formula, is there an easy way to convert the range
reference to the range name?
Yes. Excel offers an Apply Names feature that replaces range references with their associated
range names throughout a worksheet. Click the Formulas tab, click the Define Name , and
then click Apply Names to open the Apply Names dialog box. In the Apply names list, click
the range name you want to use, and then click OK. Excel replaces the associated range
references with the range name in each formula in the current worksheet.
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