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Reference Another Worksheet Range in a Formula
Building Formulas
3 Select the range you want to
4 Press + until you
return to the original
A A reference to the range on
the other worksheet appears
in your formula.
5 Type any operands and
operators you need to
complete your formula.
6 Click or press .
Excel calculates the formula
Can I reference a range in another workbook in my formula?
Yes. First make sure the workbook you want to reference is open. When you reach the point in
your formula where you want to add the reference, click the Excel icon ( ) in the Windows
taskbar, and then click the other workbook to switch to it. Click the worksheet that has the
range you want to reference, and then select the range. Click and then click the original
workbook to switch back to it. Excel adds the other workbook range reference to your formula.
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