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Move or Copy a Formula
Move or Copy
a Formula
You can restructure or reorganize a worksheet by
moving an existing formula to a different part of the
worksheet. When you move a formula, Excel preserves
the formula’s range references.
Excel also enables you to make a copy of a formula,
which is a useful technique if you require a duplicate
of the formula elsewhere or if you require a formula
that is similar to an existing formula. When you copy
a formula, Excel adjusts the range references to the
new location.
Move or Copy a Formula
Move a Formula
1 Click the cell that contains the
formula you want to move.
2 Position the mouse over
any outside border of the cell
( changes to ).
3 Click and drag the cell to the
new location ( changes
to ).
A Excel displays an outline of
the cell.
B Excel displays the address of
the new location.
4 Release the mouse button.
C Excel moves the formula to
the new location.
D Excel does not change the
formula’s range references.
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