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Move or Copy a Formula
Building Formulas
Copy a Formula
1 Click the cell that contains
the formula you want to copy.
2 Press and hold .
3 Position the mouse over
any outside border of the cell
( changes to ).
4 Click and drag the cell to the
location where you want the
copy to appear.
E Excel displays an outline of
the cell.
F Excel displays the address of
the new location.
5 Release the mouse button.
6 Release .
G Excel creates a copy of the
formula in the new location.
H Excel adjusts the range
Note: You can make multiple
copies by dragging the
bottomright corner of the cell. Excel
fills the adjacent cells with
copies of the formula.
Why does Excel adjust the range references when I copy a formula?
When you make a copy of a formula, Excel assumes that the ranges you want to use in the new
formula are positioned relative to the ranges used in the original formula, and that the
relative difference is equal to the number of rows and columns you dragged the cell to create
the copy.
For example, suppose your original formula references cell A1, and you make a copy of the
formula in the cell one column to the right. In that case, Excel also adjusts the cell reference
one column to the right, so it becomes B1 in the new formula.
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