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Rename a Worksheet
Rename a
You can make your Excel workbooks easier to
understand and navigate by providing each
worksheet with a name that reflects the contents of
the sheet.
Excel provides worksheets with generic names such
as Sheet1 and Sheet2, but you can change these to
more descriptive names such as Sales 2013,
Amortization, or Budget Data. Note, however, that
although worksheet names can include any
combination of letters, numbers, symbols, and
spaces, they cannot be longer than 31 characters.
Rename a Worksheet
1 Display the worksheet you want
to rename.
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Click Format .
4 Click Rename Sheet .
A You can also double-click the
worksheet’s tab.
B Excel opens the worksheet name
for editing and selects the text.
5 If you want to edit the existing
name, press either
deselect the text.
6 Type the new worksheet name.
7 Press .
Excel assigns the new name to
the worksheet.
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