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Create a New Worksheet
Create a
New Worksheet
When you create a new workbook, Excel includes a
single worksheet that you can use to build a
spreadsheet model or store data. If you want to build
a new model or store a different set of data, and this
new information is related to the existing data in the
workbook, you can create a new worksheet to hold
the new information. Excel supports multiple
worksheets in a single workbook, so you can add as
many worksheets as you need for your project or
In most cases, you will add a blank worksheet, but
Excel also comes with several predefined worksheet
templates that you can use.
Create a New Worksheet
Insert a Blank Worksheet
1 Open the workbook to which you
want to add the worksheet.
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Click the Insert
4 Click Insert Sheet .
A Excel inserts the worksheet.
Note: You can also insert a blank
worksheet by pressing
B Another way to add a blank
worksheet is to click the Insert
Worksheet button (
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