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Copy a Worksheet
Copy a
Excel enables you to make a copy of a worksheet,
which is a useful technique if you require a new
worksheet that is similar to an existing worksheet.
You can copy the sheet to the same workbook or to
another workbook.
One of the secrets of productivity in Excel is to not
repeat work that you have already done. For example,
if you have already created a worksheet and you find
that you need a second sheet that is very similar,
then you should not create the new worksheet from
scratch. Instead, you should copy the existing
worksheet and then edit the new sheet as needed.
Copy a Worksheet
1 If you want to copy the
worksheet to another workbook,
open that workbook and then
return to the current workbook.
2 Click the tab of the worksheet
you want to copy.
3 Click the Home tab.
4 Click Format .
5 Click Move or Copy Sheet .
A You can also right-click the tab
and then click Move or Copy
Sheet .
The Move or Copy dialog box
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