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Copy a Worksheet
Manipulating Worksheets
6 If you want to copy the
sheet to another workbook,
click the To book and
then click the workbook.
7 Use the Before sheet list to
click a destination
When Excel copies the
worksheet, the copy will
appear to the left of the
sheet you selected in Step .
8 Click the Create a copy
check box (
changes to
9 Click OK.
B Excel copies the worksheet.
C Excel gives the new
worksheet the same name as
the original, but with (2)
Note: See “Rename a
Worksheet,” earlier in this
chapter, to learn how to edit
the name of the copied
Is there an easier way to copy a worksheet within the same workbook?
Yes. It is usually much easier to use your mouse to copy a worksheet within the same workbook:
1 Move the mouse over the tab of the workbook you want to copy.
2 Hold down .
3 Click and drag the worksheet tab left or right ( changes to
A As you drag, an arrow shows the position of the worksheet.
4 When you have the worksheet positioned where you want it, drop the worksheet tab.
Excel copies the worksheet.
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