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Change the Gridline Color
Manipulating Worksheets
The Excel Options dialog
box appears.
4 Click Advanced .
5 Scroll down to the Display
options for this worksheet
6 Click the Gridline color
7 Click the color you want
to use.
8 Click OK.
A Excel displays the gridlines
using the color you selected.
Can I change the gridline color for all the sheets in my workbook?
Yes. One method would be to follow the steps in this section for each worksheet in your
workbook. However, an easier method is to first select all the sheets in the workbook. To do
this, right-click any worksheet tab and then click Select All Sheets .
You can now follow Steps to to apply the new gridline color to all your worksheets. Once 8
you have done that, right-click any worksheet tab and then click Ungroup Sheets to collapse
the grouping.
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