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Getting to Know Excel
Getting to
Know Excel
Working with Excel involves two basic tasks: building
a spreadsheet and then manipulating the data on the
spreadsheet. Building a spreadsheet involves adding
data such as numbers and text, creating formulas
that run calculations, and adding functions that
perform specific tasks. Manipulating spreadsheet
data involves calculating totals, adding data series,
organizing data into tables, and visualizing data with
This section just gives you an overview of these
tasks. You learn about each task in greater detail as
you work through the book.
Build a Spreadsheet
Add Data
You can insert numbers, text, and other characters into
any cell in the spreadsheet. Click the cell that you want
to work with and then type your data in the formula bar.
This is the large text box above the column letters. Your
typing appears in the cell that you selected. When you
are done, press Enter. To edit existing cell data, click the
cell and then edit the text in the formula bar.
Add a Formula
A formula is a collection of numbers, cell addresses, and
mathematical operators that performs a calculation. In Excel,
you enter a formula in a cell by typing an equal sign ( ) and =
then the formula text. For example, the formula =B1-B2
subtracts the value in cell B2 from the value in cell B1.
Add a Function
A function is a predefined formula that performs a specific task. For example, the
AVERAGE function calculates the average of a list of numbers, and the PMT
function calculates a loan or mortgage payment. You can use functions on their
own, preceded by =, or as part of a larger formula. Click Insert Function (
) to
see a list of the available functions.
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