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Create a New Blank Workbook
Dealing with Workbooks
3 Click Blank Workbook .
A Excel creates the blank workbook
and displays it in the Excel
Is there a faster method
I can use to create a
new workbook?
Yes. Excel offers a
keyboard shortcut for
faster workbook creation.
From the keyboard, press
When I start Excel and then open an existing workbook, Excel
often removes the new, blank workbook that it opened
automatically. How can I prevent this?
Excel assumes that you want to use a fresh workbook when you start
the program, so it prompts you to create a new workbook. However,
if you do not make any changes to the blank workbook and then
open an existing file, Excel assumes you do not want to use the new
workbook, so it closes it. To prevent this from happening, make a
change to the blank workbook before opening another file.
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