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Save a Workbook
Save a
After you create a workbook in Excel and make
changes to it, you can save the document to preserve
your work.
When you edit a workbook, Excel stores the changes in
your computer’s memory, which is erased each time
you shut down your computer. Saving the document
preserves your changes on your computer’s hard drive.
To ensure that you do not lose any work if your
computer crashes or Excel freezes up, you should save
your work frequently: at least every few minutes.
Save a Workbook
1 Click Save ( ).
You can also press + .
If you have saved the document
previously, your changes are now
preserved, and you do not need
to follow the rest of the steps in
this section.
The Save As tab appears.
2 Click Computer .
3 Click Browse .
The Save As dialog box appears.
4 Select a folder in which to store
the file.
5 Click in the File name text box
and type the name that you
want to use for the document.
6 Click Save .
Excel saves the file.
Note: To learn how to save a
workbook in an older Excel
format, see Chapter 13.
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