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Open a Workbook
Open a
To view or make changes to an Excel workbook that
you have saved in the past, you must open the
workbook in Excel. To open a workbook, you must
first locate it in the folder you used when you
originally saved the file.
If you have used the workbook recently, you can save
time by opening the workbook from the Excel Recent
Workbooks menu, which displays a list of the 25
workbooks that you have used most recently.
Open a Workbook
1 Click the File tab (not shown).
2 Click Open .
The Open tab appears.
A You can click Recent Workbooks
to see a list of your recently
used workbooks. If you see the
file you want, click it and then
skip the rest of these steps.
3 Click Computer .
4 Click Browse .
You can also press
The Open dialog box appears.
5 Select the folder that contains
the workbook you want to open.
6 Click the workbook.
7 Click Open .
The workbook appears in a
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