Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Getting to Know Excel
Working with Excel
Manipulate Data
Calculate Totals Quickly
If you just need a quick sum of a list of numbers, click a cell below
the numbers and then click the Sum button ( ), which is available
in the Home tab of the Excel Ribbon. You can also select the cells
that you want to sum, and their total appears in the status bar.
Fill a Series
Excel enables you to save time by completing a series of values automatically. For
example, if you need to enter the numbers 1 to 100 in consecutive cells, you can
enter just the first few numbers, select the cells, and then click and drag the
lowerright corner to fill in the rest of the numbers. With Excel you can also fill in dates,
as well as the names for weekdays and months.
Manage Tables
The row-and-column format of a spreadsheet
makes Excel suitable for simple databases called
tables . Each column becomes a field in the table,
and each row is a record. You can sort the
records, filter the records to show only certain
values, and add subtotals.
Add a Chart
A chart is a graphic representation of spreadsheet data. As the data in
the spreadsheet changes, the chart also changes to reflect the new
numbers. Excel offers a wide variety of charts, including bar charts, line
charts, and pie charts.
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