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Arrange Workbook Windows
Dealing with Workbooks
The Arrange Windows dialog box
4 Click a view mode (
to ).
Tiled arranges the workbooks
evenly on the Windows desktop.
Horizontal stacks the workbooks
one above the other.
Vertical displays the workbooks
side by side.
Cascade arranges the workbooks
in an overlapping cascade pattern.
5 Click OK.
A Excel arranges the workbook
This example shows two
workbooks arranged with the
Vertical view mode.
How do I return to viewing one workbook at
a time?
Click the workbook you want to use, and
then click the workbook window’s Maximize
button ( ). This maximizes the workbook on
the Windows desktop, so you only see that
workbook. To switch to another open workbook,
click the Excel icon (
Is it possible to view two different sections
of a single workbook at the same time?
Yes. Switch to the workbook you want to
view, click the View tab, and then click New
Window ( ). Follow Steps to to open 3
the Arrange Windows dialog box and select a
view option. Click the Windows of active
workbook check box (
) in the taskbar and
changes to
then click a workbook.
and then click OK.
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