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Find Text in a Workbook
Find Text in
a Workbook
Most spreadsheet models require at most a screen or
two in a single worksheet, so locating the text you
want is usually not difficult. However, you might be
working with a large spreadsheet model that takes up
either multiple screens in a single worksheet or
multiple worksheets. In such large workbooks,
locating specific text can be difficult and
timeconsuming. You can make this task easier and faster
using the Excel Find feature, which searches the
entire workbook in the blink of an eye.
Find Text in a Workbook
1 Click the Home tab.
2 Click Find & Select .
3 Click Find .
Note: You can also run the
Find command by pressing
The Find and Replace dialog
box appears.
4 Click in the Find what text
box and type the text you
want to find.
5 Click Find Next .
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