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Replace Text in a Workbook
Replace Text in
a Workbook
Do you need to replace a word or part of a word with
some other text? If you only need to replace one or
two instances of the text, you can usually perform
the replacement quickly and easily. However, if you
have many instances of the text to replace, the
replacement can take a long time and the more
instances there are, the more likely it is that you will
make a mistake. You can save time and do a more
accurate job if you let the Excel Replace feature
replace the text for you.
Replace Text in a Workbook
1 Click the Home tab.
2 Click Find & Select .
3 Click Replace .
Note: You can also run the
Replace command by pressing
The Find and Replace dialog
box appears.
4 In the Find what text box,
type the text you want to
5 Click in the Replace with
text box and type the text
you want to use as the
6 Click Find Next .
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