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Add a Workbook Header
Formatting Workbooks
5 Type your text in the
6 If you want to include a
predefined header item,
click Header and then
click the item.
7 Click a button in the
Header & Footer Elements
group to add that element
to the header.
D Excel inserts a code into
the header, such as &[Date]
for the Current Date
element, as shown here.
8 Repeat Steps to to 7
build the header.
9 Click outside the header
Excel applies the header.
When you are in Page
Layout view, you see the
current values for elements
such as the date.
Can I have multiple headers in a workbook?
Yes. You can have a different header and footer on the first page, which is useful if you want to
add a title or explanatory text to the first page. In the Design tab, click the Different First
Page check box ( changes to ).
You can also have different headers and footers on the even and odd pages of the printout, such
as showing the filename on the even pages and the page numbers on the odd pages. In the
Design tab, click the Different Odd & Even Pages check box (
changes to
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