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Add a Workbook Footer
Add a Workbook
If you will be printing a workbook, you can enhance
the printout by building a custom footer that
includes information such as the current page
number, the total number of pages, the worksheet
name, and more.
The footer is an area on the printed page between
the bottom of the page text and the bottom margin.
Excel offers a number of predefined footer items that
enable you to quickly add data to the workbook
footer. If none of the predefined footer items suits
your needs, Excel also offers tools that make it easy
to build a custom footer.
Add a Workbook Footer
1 Click the View tab.
2 Click Page Layout ( ).
Excel switches to Page Layout
A You can also click the Page
Layout button ( ).
3 Click the Click to add header
Note: You can also scroll down to
the bottom of the page and click
the Click to add footer text. If
you do this, you can skip Step .
B Excel adds the Header & Footer
Tools tab.
4 Click the Design tab.
5 Click Go to Footer ( ).
C Excel opens the footer area
for editing.
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