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Add a Workbook Footer
Formatting Workbooks
6 Type your text in the footer.
7 If you want to include a
predefined footer item,
click Footer and then click
the item.
8 Click a button in the Header
& Footer Elements group to
add that element to the
D Excel inserts a code into the
footer, such as &[Pages]
for the Number of Pages
element, as shown here.
9 Repeat Steps to to 8
build the footer.
0 Click outside the footer
Excel applies the footer.
When you are in Page
Layout view, you see the
current values for elements
such as the page number.
Can I view my headers and footers before I print the workbook?
Yes. Follow these steps:
1 Click the File tab.
2 Click Print .
A The right side of the Print tab shows you a preview of the workbook
B The header appears here.
C The footer appears here.
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