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Get to Know Table Features
Get to Know
Table Features
Although a table looks much like a regular Excel
range, it offers a number of features that
differentiate it from a range. To understand these
differences and make it as easy as possible to learn
how to build and use tables, you need to know the
various features in a typical table, such as the table
rows and columns, the table headers, and the filter
A Table Column
A single type of information, such as
names, addresses, or phone numbers.
In an Excel table, each column is the
equivalent of a database field.
B Column Headers
The unique names you assign to every table
column that serve to label the type of data in
each column. These names are always found in
the first row of the table.
C Table Cell
An item in a table
column that represents
a single instance of that
column’s data, such as
a name, address, or
phone number. In an
Excel table, each cell is
equivalent to a database
field value.
D Table Row
A collection of associated table
cells, such as the data for a
single contact. In Excel tables,
each row is the equivalent of a
database record.
E Column Filter Button
A feature that gives you access to a set of
commands that perform various actions on
a column, such as sorting or filtering the
column data.
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