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Insert a Table Row
Insert a
Table Row
You can add a new record to your Excel table by
inserting a new row. You can insert a row either
within the table or at the end of the table.
Once you have entered the initial set of data into
your table, you will likely add most new records
within the table by inserting a new row above a
current row. However, when you are in the initial
data entry phase, you will most likely prefer to add
new records by adding a row to the end of the table.
Insert a Table Row
1 Select a cell in the row
below which you want to
insert the new row.
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Click Insert ( ).
4 Click Insert Table Rows
Above .
A Excel inserts the new row.
B To insert a new row at the
end of the table, select the
lower-right table cell and
then press
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