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Insert a Table Column
Insert a
Table Column
You can add a new field to your Excel table by
inserting a new column. You can insert a column
either within the table or at the end of the table.
To make data entry easier and more efficient, you
should decide in advance all the fields you want to
include in the table. However, if later on you realize
you forgot a particular field, you can still add it to
the table. Inserting a table column is also useful if
you imported or inherited the data from elsewhere
and you see that the data is missing a field that you
Insert a Table Column
1 Select a cell in the column to
the left of which you want to
insert the new column.
A If you want to insert the new
column at end of the table,
select a cell in the last table
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Click Insert ( ).
4 Click Insert Table Columns
to the Left .
To insert a column at the end
of the table instead, click
Insert Table Columns to the
Right (not shown).
B Excel inserts the new column.
5 Name the new field by editing
the column header.
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